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For many Americans, a driver's license is a also license to earn a living, see friends, go shopping, and get away from it all on the weekends.

Take away that card, and people will do almost anything to get it back.

Some organizations write off anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of their debts as "uncollectable."Most agencies, that is, except for the DMV. And increasingly, says Goleman, those state agencies are turning towards the DMVs as a source of data about the state's citizens, a way of providing services, and ultimately, a means of enforcing policy. On one hand, the DMV database lists virtually every man, woman, and teenager of each state more accurately than the state's own census or tax roles.

Every driver and every car in the state had a matching piece of paper on file at the Registry, the final adjudicator of every record.

Things were not much better with the Registry's handling of money.

Pay your bills to city and state, pay your child support, don't get caught using drugs, and the state will let you keep on trucking. And for those who don't get the message and stay on the roads?

In most states, getting caught driving without a license, or with one that's been suspended or revoked, means handcuffs, a trip down to the local jail, and having your car towed to the pound. Most businesses and state agencies have a problem with outstanding debt. We just don't have bad debt." Lewis pauses a moment to consider his words, then shrugs, his point made: At the Massachusetts Registry, "we walk a very fine line with incredible power over people."Increasingly, lawmakers around the country are employing that power to enforce public policies that have nothing to do with driving or motor vehicles.

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"We don't have debt," says Lewis, who oversees all of the Massachusetts Registry's computer and information systems. (Even people who don't drive usually end up getting "identification" cards, issued by the state DMVs, so they can do simple things like write a check or buy an alcoholic drink.) On the other hand, the DMV has a unique means of forcing citizens to comply with state edicts.

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