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You no longer need photos we found out after having photos taken.As Steve below states most of your info above is out of date.People in this category can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). These provide temporary cover and become invalid when you take up (self) employment.This must be applied for in the "other" country through the public health system. You then start to pay Spanish national insurance to keep health cover.Can you tell me how i go about legalising translated documents?

And legal documents like bank statements are not accepted unless they are Spanish or offically translated to Spanish etc...On Friday we went to Jan to obtain residencias for my 2 children, we hadnt thought to do this last year when my husband and I applied.I took the original birth certificates and a translated copy but was told this must be legalised in Madrid.EDIT : Click HERE to read about recent changes () to the Residencia card for EU Citizens. Do I need a special visa to move there or do I just apply for residency when I get there?I am retired and live on my pension and my social security. hi , please can someone help me out .i have spanish residence for five years now but have not seen job yet but i have upto five thousand euro remaining in my account, can they give me the 10 yr long term residency since i have money to sustain my self?

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