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So now, I will use my last bottle of it, and I will never buy it again. next time i might not be so free with the trigger, i'll use a lighter hand.i think this is a great all round day perfume that you won't have to touch up much if at all.Why make a fruity scent smell synthetic and floral/green? This is a perfume of mostly a fruity recipe, which even resembles to a better version of shower foam to my nose and skin, and which I would recommend to very young ladies and only for spring and summer days.I regret to not be able to praise it, however, I admit it is one of the best choices either for anyone who visits really hot countries during the summer, or enjoys light or shower-like scents.

Sillage was medium, and it was relatively long-lasting (4 hours maybe? I think this perfume was a serious missed opportunity by DKNY to make a consistently apple-smelling perfume from top note to bottom. At the shop he was advised to really consider the scent after it is mixed with the skin elements, so as to allow other parts of it to epxress - apart from the apple.Online shops offers: Fragrance 10 items for 2.59 - 29.89 USDFragrance EUR 1 product for 3.85 EURFragrance 1 product for 4.49 4 items for 19.95 - 48.60 GBPNotino DE-AT 5 items for 21.90 - 65.65 EURBRASTY.DE 1 product for 33.00 EURStrawberry EUR 4 items for 37.00 - 65.00 EURView products...This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance, which matches a picture of a bold, but charming woman. I'm not going to tell others not to buy it, it can be right on someone whose chemistry suits Be Delicious but it was too similar to a room spray I used to use in the 00s.The top features green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia. I like the bottle and might try the I liked the bottle enough to consider buying just 30ml of Fresh Blossom to keep the bottle when I'm done with that.

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