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Transacts Fire Business Only, and is the Oldest Purely Fire OUice in tlie World. The schooner has now three injured men in her 'orecaetlo, and the police aro looking for eight uuion men. The first was a scene from the Vicar of Wakefield, representing Sophia and Alvira visiting the fortune-teller; the second was Tttania and Puck, from Mid- summer Night's Dream ; the third, "Open your mouth and shut your eyes," and the fourth and last, possibly the best, the "Flower Queen," taken part in by all the fairies. Missea Graham, lirown, Heislerinan and Todd played a violin quar- tette with piano accompaniment by little Miss Hayno H. "[ ' The grade of Granville atrect/ baa bcou cut "^j^Sown on the corner of Georgia and the tram track lowered. Pleasant was opened yesterday, and occupied for the first lime, ' St, Andrew's Charoh Cbtistiaa Endeavor '^ ^ociely sent » delegate to the Portland C. They arc now looked down below deck for fear of aay escaping. ITie dagger frightened the iinioniala, and ■vhen the rest of tho crew of the Hcelic put U] an uppearanco the union men lied. Ati Sinri,— loan highly rocommond Iln K ard'B Pcc Loral Balsam as tho beat remedy vor made for coughs and colds. Besides the fairy voices and scenes froas fairyland there were four eharming tab- leaux. At tho White House, capes nnd rape j.iekots, tho latest to nrrlvo and the lat- est style, in all shades and prices. The Fire dopartiiient reported for the month of April, two firea. Mc(;uigan would not be paid by ( lovorninent for inspecting incoiidiig ,rain H during the lalo Huiallpox trouble, but diey would pay him for inspecting out- going trains. ' A coreimitteo of tho Council will meet a ^'•joomndttee of tho Board of Trade and ar- |r range for a demonstration on the arrival of lifst Bteumcr from Australia. Should the documents and papers not arrive in time, the alleged actors, msr- chants, etc., will be deported on the steamer on Sunday morning next. Siiu Francisco— Free Klglit with Diurgcra anil llniid Hplkes. One of iho union men pulled a pistol and a non union man drew a dagger. The part of the Fairy Queen was- most gracefully taken by Miss Beaven, daughter of His V\ orship the Mayor. Graham contri- buted a violin solo, tho Misses Ponree a duel. The entertainment as a" whole was a most pro- nounced Bucceaa, for which great credit is due to Miss J(! Miss Jenns wishes to convey her thanks to those who ao kindly allowed the children to attend, and especially to I'rof. After tho performance a local photo- grapher took a picture of the stage and the "fairies." Oiicnrd To-ilny. It waa thought best by somo of the aldermen to dismiaa the employe if a aocon J garniahoe against him appeared. Mc- Ouigwu for inspecting incoming trains, on ' tho ground that all citic H west of Hunting- I ,don were benefited. Y \ i Steamer Coquitlam left yesterday nioru- ing for Com 01.

Tho inside parties locliid the door, and prevented the adniisaion of their rivals. clergyman re- ceiving such distinction, but ot course if they had remained in the Colonies they would have been passed over as not good enough oven for Colonial preferment ! The immediate construction of the Kaslo - Slogan Railroad will cause development that will increase the population this year to twice 3,000. QIUS,— For yrara 1 was troubled with deaf- l O neas, aud lant winter could Hcareely hear at all. B Yellow Oil It restored my hearing and I now boar as well as anyone, Mbb. 'i'lie ladies of Iho Committee of the Calici Hh II or lait cvoniuu wish to extend their hoart- n 1( ilianka to the many frionns who so kindly iifai-Ii'd I hem in amiii KOmonls. The (icnnaii Emperor and Kmpross arrived on astenmcr, in whieh they crossed Luke Lneerne. The customs teturna for April were : Duty collected, ,114. on the Shuawap and Okauagan rail- way \s ill be daily, with the exception of Sunday. all jiarta of Sivitx.r- land have thronged the city. Laat month the foreign shipmenbs of the Wellington colliery amounted tol6.551 tons, whilst the East Wellington colliery's out- put was 2,490 tons. Very high water ia looked (or, as the snows are de faces bla Hi til lltll, ndcninr; lll.-y X :h B, actiuij li'cr y. tel WAN'TICD-A Hitmition as cliambermaid or tliiiiiih' room K'irl. J., ("oi.o- Ms-r ol Ui-e WANT1CD~-A Kood row boat to hold about six peraons ; state oosh price. The liabilities of William Dirling & Co., of this city, hardware, uniount to ,000, THE M'KINLBY TARIFF. London, May 2.— In tho House of Gam- mons to-day, Sir I'^dward Grey, Parlia- mentary under secretary for the foreign r Jiice, stated in reply to Col. The Infanta I.-'abel, will) the sick -•^(Iniir.d on board, will go direci ly to Cuba lo escort the . Mo Uey, chief engineer ; and J, O'Neill, aaeistant, with six of the crew of the steam sobooner Alice Blanchard,. A general dis- cussion was had on fruit peats and tho ef- fect of the cold of lost winter on peaoh and pear treea. So far as known, the damage waa not nearly ao groat as had been antici- pated earlier iu the season. Ho haa done excellent work hero, and tho people would be sorry to see him move away." Tho production of the musical cantata, Bolshuzzar's Feast, in the Opera House Thursday evening promises to bo (|uito a succeaa, Professor Spear has been mainly instruriientul in getting up the perforiiumce and iu training tho participants. At a meeting of tho school trualce.-'i to be held lo-niorroiv aflernoim, it will bo decided wliethcr to build or not. Ovita Clermont, widow of D(ii;eh(n B, who died suddenly at Alexandria, Out., re- cently, uiid-''T circuinatancea which led her to trial on a charge of poiaoniiig iiini, was yesterday aentonced by Judge Dugaa to four years in the Kingston penitentiary for stealing !? John James Brown, architect, has entered an action against A- Hurtubise for ,000 damages, having been knocked down and run over by one of defendant's wagons. New Von K, May 2.— The Spanish flag- ship Inlanta l^ibel, with tho Nueva Espana in her wake, liown t! These are the fust of the visitors to go, and the others will, one by one, ijick up their anchors and turn their noses towarda tho Narrows. liaa been organized at South Vancouver with the follovvitig ollicera : S. The quarterly meeting of tho Fruit Grow- ers' asaooiation is in session. Cheat- nut of this city to take charge of a mission church in New Westminster, B. It ia not yet known what his mind in the matter may bo, but it ia wudl known that ho prefera miabion work of thia kind to laboring in a settled oluugc, and, considering thia fact, as alao tho fiiut thiil he lias gathered up nearly all tliu av.iilable nialerinl in his prc- seiit licid, it ia likely ho will consider it hia duty to go. It is proposed to build an addition to the North Ward school, to be used for high school purpoflca.

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In tho direct lino of tho lirit Mi l-'aciiic Hallway westward Only 13 miles from tho Coal Fields.

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