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They had a healthy sex life in their living-together relationship but the girl wanted to spice it up a bit.

She got her bf agree to the massage session idea which in turn proved to be quite fun.

It all started when we returning from our road trip.

My GF was asleep in the backseat and that is when her hot friend revealed her lust for me.

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Moreover I got to have fun with Ashley also whom I had been attracted to from the start.

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Their reunion became further hot when they both met each other after a long time and had an instant craving for each other. This story is about a girl who sells herself into submission due to her financial situation.

The submissive started as a requisite for a job but soon turned out to be quite fun.

The night of hot threesome was an unforgettable one and it helped me get ready for the big tour.

I was now inseparable from Ashley and Adam, who by the way had become a good friend and fuck buddy by now.

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  1. The first step toward holding yourself accountable for your appalling actions—a close friend of your wife? Or maybe the wrongness and the self-loathing—the whole bad-boy-on-the-rack routine—turn you on.