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I mostly deal with Nihonto (Japanese swords) these days, but still have a great Damascus knife collection. I do not claim any elitist title, degree, or qualifications for naming and describing these terms, only my thirty years experience as a professional custom knifemaker.I'll be looking into buying one from you sometime soon. In the profession that I have, a substantial amount of research, study, and historic perspective is necessary.Since successful people are targets, even the most definitive, current, descriptive, and referenced knife anatomy and definitions web page in the world is criticized.The ignorant will often go onto any forum that will conceal their identity and make claims like "that website is just wrong." This is not accompanied with any logical, reasonable, or descriptive terms, words, or definitions, yet the ignorant will to on to claim that a ricasso is a choil and other such ridiculous nonsense.Thanks for being here and sharing the voyage into monoglotistic indulgence! A blade and handle are the obvious terms that generalize the knife as a hand knife.A hand knife is one that is meant to be in the hand.Most of these terms are pretty well established, but may not correlate with historical norms.For instance, the quillon (or quillion) of a guard are the horizontal bars that extend perpendicular to the axis of a sword or dagger, but nowadays the quillon also refers to the protuberances that stop your fingers from sliding forward onto the knife blade and cutting edge.

You don't make several thousand knives in a career without a lot of experience, thought, and details.

The following dozen illustrations point out and describe various hand knife components and areas.

It's easy enough to identify specific components and their location (like the point of the blade), other knife parts are more generalized to an area (like the grind).

Items that accompany, are part of, or are attached to the knife blade (like the bolsters) can have widely varying shapes, arrangements, and purposes.

I use all my own knives and patterns for the illustrations on this page.

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