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But when I started researching the topic of "how to promote your blog", I just wasn't finding a whole lot of ideas coupled with the that would really help us find the best blog promotion tactics for us.

So I decided to share this research with you to help you promote your blog better than ever.

At Co Schedule, we've used tools like Optin Monster and Lead Pages.

Any of these should work well for building your initial email list to give you an audience that will read your posts and share them with their networks.

When you start to find flows for your content, you can create email campaigns to send your blog posts that complement the information your subscribers are already looking for.

So of course, I had to dig into our own data to understand what you gals and guys like from us here at Co Schedule.

It turns out that adding a visual into our new post emails decreases open rates by as much as 3.5% while clickthroughs increase by about 2.12%.

As Noah puts it: Growing your email list is an amazingly vicious cycle.

You get subscribers, email them when an article goes live, they go read it and then share it with people.

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Hub Spot found that HTML-enhanced emails decreased their open and clickthrough rates, suggesting that some email clients may filter enhanced email from even getting into primary inboxes and that folks tend to see email as a 1-to-1 interaction.

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