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This post arrives on the heels of an interview with private detective to the stars, Thomas Martin of Martin Investigative Services. Martin, a former federal investigator, has been a private investigator for four decades and his work has been featured in media outlets such as the New York Times, Fox News, and ABC News. Martin just released his second book in June of 2017 and it is called I had the pleasure of reading his book last month. That’s right, you will get to sunbathe, swim, and have your drinks of choice at the conference site all while experiencing a seminar geared toward your healing.

Stay tuned on that because I have secured the perfect and most beautiful poolside conference location for said (future) seminars.

Other than that, they did not know why the police were called.3) At the same time, I hate sitting around with a group of women complaining that “All men are dogs,” etc.I know men are more complicated than that and that there are men who are out there who really want to connect with other men as friends and women as partners (or men if they are gay).Don’t be “predictable”, or his attraction will magically end (must I be in a different country each time he calls…? Don’t discuss any emotional issues at all, ever, God forbid, or it’s all over, period 4. The way to create a great emotional connection with a man is to never burden him with your emotions.Don’t assume that just because you’ve been dating for months you’re in a “relationship” (WTF? Try to appear at all times to be a)selective b)unemotional c)hard-to-get d)a robot woman 6. It’s hard to imagine exactly what this great emotional connection consists of, except the idea that the man “feels great” when he’s with you, better than when he is single, and you as the woman are not constantly analyzing the relationship.

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