Good looking people are intimidating

I met her when I asked to take her picture for my website, Haute Drop-Off.She's beautiful in that symmetrical way in which some scientists claim attracts the human eye. They Suck Why I’m GLAD a God Doesn’t Exist (An Anti-Theist Perspective)... Why We Need to Stop Labeling Average Men "Nice Guys" My Thoughts on Gold Diggers...

Well I don't go for insanely attractive men because it just doesn't feel right.

Girls, Do you agree that Women are HOTTER than Men?

Agree or Disagree: HOT people (guys girls) KNOW they are hot? Stop Acting Like Two Wrongs Make a Right, People-- They Don't. Another Unicorn Flavored Thing is Hitting the Market...

Maybe because I am kind of shy, or just aren't that widely socialable (um can't spell), but I find it slightly hard to talk to pretty people...

even when they talk to me first, I mean any gender, just friends ?

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Sometimes, but feeling intimidated goes away quickly if he's friendly. When I met my husband, I thought he was too good looking for me, so I just tried to be myself and hope for the best.

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