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Our honeymoon phase began with attorney appointments and immigration notices.As his shifting immigration status began to allow for more freedoms, I unwittingly assumed the role of parent, teaching him how to drive, apply for a job, register for college, and open his very first bank account.Beautiful days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months, I secretly hoped, would turn to forever.Little did I know as this 17-year-old girl enjoying her last summer before college, that I’d go on to marry this beautiful 18-year-old boy who housed a very personal secret.No word on whether this was before or after seeing The Proposal.It's a plot as old as the movies themselves: girl meets boy, boy needs to be married for some reason or another, girl agrees to marry boy as a business-only arrangement, wackiness (and maybe a bit of love) ensues.

For the first time, his guarded nature started to make sense. For a hot second I considered taking route 60 to I-15. We’d commit to forever in one breath and blame the bravado of young love in the next.

First, there were my parents: would they forgive me? Perhaps in time, but things might never be the same following a stunt like that.

Then there were logistics: how would we support ourselves? As an 18-year-old college sophomore living at home, I’d be forced to quit school to attempt to support us.

We met at a coffee shop through mutual friends and exchanged clumsy hellos while our friends did the flirting.

Only this wasn’t a romantic comedy, this was my life.

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