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Of course if the signature turns out to be fake it even more substantially hurts the instrument's value.

This PDF file has the infamous "JASS BASS" misspelling on the warranty registration card which is on page 12. This file came from member "Bassclef" at the Fender Jazz Bass Forum. This page is a gateway to a wealth of information on vintage electric basses by Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Hagstrom, Gretsch, Hofner, Epiphone, Guild, Harmony, Vox, Ampeg, Danelectro and Kalamazoo. Very educational and very fun site with tons of historical information. - Fender color offerings changed periodically which can help with dating.

The input field for your serial is near the bottom of the page.- You might or might not ever find out what year your Yamaha was made.

Apparently Yamaha serials are the most difficult to pinpoint. Yamaha serials are even more convoluted than the Squier or Ibanez serial schemes.

- If you have a signed instrument but can't prove it was the artist that actually signed it, having the autograph authenticated may add value to your instrument.

Whether or not authentication adds enough value to cover the cost of the authentication depends on the collectability of the artist's signature.

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- As a last resort when you can't find a reliable date from the instrument serial or super reliable neck codes you can resort to dating the pots. Also if you have the guitar manufacture date you can see if it has original pots. Pot code dating will tell you when the pot was made, so the instrument most likely is not older than the pot, unless the pot was changed out for an older pot. Most often all pots in an instrument have the same code.

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