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Since there are only two professional sports in Sacramento, basketball and baseball, this is a big deal. Executive Director Sacramento Healthy Marriage Project ------------------------------------ON THE INTERNET:- CRAIG' S LIST AND YELP THE KNOT.There will be approximately 14,000 people in attendance. COMDiane, Saw your message regarding marketing on Craig's list. Her blindfold is like a security blanket and his touch is what lights a fire inside her. I’m working on this earlybird list as we speak, but I decided to post it now since it’s already nicely loaded. What starts out as “therapy” soon turns into a passionate anonymous love affair. Or does she just like the idea of loving a stranger? I’m here (just indulging in this awesome Memorial Day holiday) – Happy Memorial Day!!! Sarah: Just finished this one – thought it would be one I skim read…loved it! Still followed through on the Big Little Lies feels for me, didn’t see the big reveal coming so a total win! I don’t care that he watches me sleep, and dress, and wants to know all my deepest, darkest, saddest secrets.

Impressed with her tolerance and captivated by her spirit, he complies and begins to slowly charm his way past her defenses. I love when I find a book that I can’t put down and I am supposed to be packing for a trip I leave for in the morning. I’ve been trying to find funny light reads lately but this story is so gripping I could not not know what would happen. Not his sky-blue eyes or the confidence in his hands. Marilyn: Tanx @Tara but it’s not “neighbor” by stylo fantome.

I’ll admit, the minute I heard older woman/rock star, I was excited!! But then I realized “boy band” and not ever having been into the whole boy-band thing, I shied away. But boy-band lover or not, DO NOT let that stop you from immersing yourself in this one. And not always in the best of ways, but could we expect anything else in such a public, demanding, fantasy-life? This is THAT journey and OMG what a journey it was. This is definitely a 5 star books and in my top of 2017. The idea of a boy band book did not appeal to me but I am so glad I did not allow that to deter me from reading it.

This captured me and the more it went, that harder I was hooked. Marion: Anyone in a book funk please read The Idea of You by Robinne Lee. Northernstar: Just finished The Idea of You and I have no words….ugh! The writing was fantastic and the banter between Sol and Hayes was so funny. The author said that she had a sequel in mind but it’s up to her publisher as to whether or not it gets done depending on how well the first book does.

I found two sites worth taking a look at, The and the Wedding

The Knot offers more services, Wedding Bee is more of a blog chronicling what women are going through whilepreparing for the big day.

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