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A source warned that Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Harry’s step-mother, warned Meghan away from Harry.

They stated: “She’s long thought Meghan isn’t good enough for Harry and told her that she’s not welcome in the royal family.”Tuesday 25 July Eager fans are waiting to see if Meghan is soon to emerge with a ring on her finger.

If I read one more article about Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry's relationship, their reported phone call, or how she looked during the royal wedding ceremony, I will scream.

If I see one more meme of her seeming "emotional," I will cry.

They've now been dating for well over a year - although the pair have yet to make an official public appearance. Will we see a royal engagement with Harry getting down on one knee before the year is out?

Wednesday 26 July Meghan Markle is undeniably naturally beautiful, but have her looks been enhanced? The lead actress in the cast of legal drama Suits revealed some teenage photos last week.

It has been reported that Prince Harry is having the ring made at Collins, the Queen’s jeweller.

The source suggests that the ring is being made from one Princess Diana’s favourite bracelets, as Prince Harry is keen to include something of his mothers.

Since breaking up with Harry, Chelsy has set up an ethical luxury jewellery brand, Aya, with roots in Africa, where she grew up.Anyone who has ever been photographed while unaware will sympathise with the photos above, but recognise they're nothing more than being caught off-guard, on camera in the middle of a long day.Even the Queen couldn't smile throughout the whole day, but no-one claims she's unhappy.Chelsy, like a good sport, turned up, looked great, was presumably friendly and charming to all, and called it a day.The memes, gifs, and social media digs, however, imply that she looked (and presumably is) bitter and miserable.

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It is claimed that Meghan Markle gave Kate Middelton a gift of a dream diary, to record her thoughts and dreams in.

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