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When it comes to eating healthy foods, we think the more the better.

However, eating too much of a good thing could come with some harmful effects.

Canned albacore tuna (bottom left) can contain high amounts of methylmercury - a known neurotoxin - and too much ingestion can cause tremors, vision problems and memory problems.

Researchers at Newcastle University have produced the first ever 3D-printed human corneas and say the technology could be used to fill a shortage which causes the UK to import hundreds a year.

Chiefs agreed to send her to the US for proton beam therapy, which is approved in the UK but unable to be performed because there are currently no centres built.

Nutritionist and TV chef Zoe Bingley-Pullin (left) recently took a look at this issue, highlighting the snacks you should look to before and after a gym session (right).

But hopes were raised when a consultant told them earlier this year that Kia would be allowed home, which her parents (pictured bottom inset, Vikki Mitchell, 30, and Paul Gott, 35) say 'felt like we won the lottery'.

Following a meeting with doctors at the hospital last week, the family have now been given a date for Kia to return home on a day release basis.

But the rash didn't go away and further spread around his nose and mouth, 'causing dark spots and discoloration' (right).

Doctors told his mother, after learning about the face paint, that his skin likely had a negative reaction to it.

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