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Ugly will become average, and average will become hot.

and anything that would be hot would become a It isn't even fucking fat women that is the problem; practically everyone has banged a chubby girl at some point.

Men have a strong distaste for women with a large BMI, while women tend to prefer heavier men.

The estimates of income preferences show that women place about twice as much weight on income than men.

Both men and women who have children prefer a partner who also has children.

Members with children, however, are much less desirable to both men and women who themselves do not have children.

It is high obesity rates (undateable women) and average girls overvaluing their looks causing the dating problem in the USA.

Average girls overvalue themselves because they aren't fat so have more men after them than what they would in a healthy-body sized country.

More: This paper is based on as sample of 3,004 men and 2,783 women located in Boston and San Diego.Women who are single try to avoid divorced men, while divorced women have a preference for a partner who is also divorced.Similarly, single men avoid divorced women, but divorced men have no particular preference to date a divorced woman.Finally, we find that both men and women have a preference for a partner of the same religion.I were on the market, I’d be looking to nab one of those tall high-educated women other men don’t want.

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The sample was chosen from 22,000 users of an online dating service. We observe all user activities over a period of three and a half months in 2003. The estimation is based on a sub-sample of users who state they are single, divorced, or describe themselves as “hopeful.” Furthermore, we eliminate users who indicate that they joined the site to start a “casual” relationship and only keep users who want to “start a long-term relationship,” are “just looking/curious,” “like to make new friends,” and users who state that “a friend put me up on this.” …

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