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In humans, hydatids of the liver, brain, or lung are often fatal.

Infestation occurs only where people live in close association with dogs that have access to infested sheep for food.

And while this was happening, Hatfield was there, creating the footwear Jordan wore each night – pushing the needle one innovative silhouette at a time.

A cannon of sneakers that pushed the boundaries of design and branding, one that continues to embrace this generation's athletes under the Jordan Brand umbrella.

But where sanitation is poor and meat eaten undercooked, the incidence of tapeworm infestations is high.

In the Baltic countries much of the population is infested with the broad tapeworm ( may occur almost anywhere in the body of sheep.

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The Wilmington, North Carolina, native’s legacy in professional basketball is cemented; the same can be said about his Air Jordan line – singlehandedly the most influential signature sneaker line ever.

In humans these parasites and others listed below cause much misery and death.

Control of certain flukes through the eradication of their mollusk hosts has been attempted but without much success.

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Flatworm, also called platyhelminth, any of the phylum Platyhelminthes, a group of soft-bodied, usually much flattened invertebrates.

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