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The ice cave season in Iceland is rather short or from November to March.

Hepburn masterminded her own comeback, buying out her contract with RKO Radio Pictures and acquiring the film rights to The Philadelphia Story, which she sold on the condition that she be the star.

Mick and I had shared a room before when we were young. We spent most of our time fighting and as it happens Mick periodically walked in his sleep. I particularly remember one little note: “Peggy Sacca says her mom smokes cigarettes”. At any event a few weeks into our tenure on a stormy Fall night (well, maybe not stormy) Mick and I were talking when from out of nowhere an object in the middle of our dresser slid two feet and dropped off the dresser. It just slid to the edge of the dresser and then it fell off.

I remember one fine night when he took a whiz in our closet, mistaking it for the bathroom a few feet away. No minor earthquake, no truck rumbling through, no kid brother behind the dresser tipping it.

When we visited Svínafellsjökull glacier for example we passed the memorial of two German hikers that got lost on that glacier a few years ago.

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I guess the situation in Japan with English language instruction is even worse, as mainstream schools only devote 1 hour per week to English instruction as a subject, which if you go with Baker's example, will mean even worse results.

Looking at it from a subjective standpoint, I can agree that many of the high school graduates leaving senior high are not competent in their communicative competence, but their academic literacy is quite high.

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