Hollywood women dating older men

The tabloid press has unearthed a now deleted Instagram post from Monteys-Fullam’s account in which she thanks her ‘amazing boyfriend’ Hollywood.

“You have turned me from a girl to a woman’ she wrote, before adding ‘and to a house woman’ which she then punctuated with a laughing emoji.

READ MORE: The Debrief Investigates The ' Dad or Shag' Phenomenon Perhaps Hollywood, the great villain of TV cookery shows, has something in common with the most hated man in Western democracy - Donald Trump?

Trump is 24 years older than his current wife, Melania.

Hollywood’s case is not helped by the fact that Monteys-Fullam has credited him with turning her ‘from a girl to a woman’ and not just any sort of woman, ‘a house woman’ no less.

Hollywood is no Clinton and Summer has given no indication that she is anything other than consenting and happy in her relationship.

Your ick-ometer might go wild as you read about how Hollywood scoped Summer out while at a party with his wife, there is no law against dating somebody younger than you.

Indeed, it’s entirely possible that Hollywood is just Summer’s one true dad or shag and we should all respect that.

Indeed, only yesterday a study was published in the journal Psy Ar Xiv which found that older heterosexual men like older women but they would still prefer to be in a relationship with a younger one.

The research found that the youngest age of prospective female partner that a man would consider remains the same – a woman in her 20s – no matter how old a man gets. This, said one of the study’s lead authors, is because ‘natural selection has probably shaped men’s sexual strategies to include a particular interest in highly fertile, young women’.

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  1. I do not think at that point I neglected any of my standards or morals but I did do things to impress him and to encourage a relationship with him. A lot of times at parties, he would just walk off and leave me. Because of my Christian background, I died a hundred times in my own guilt.

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