How to go from dating to serious relationship

This does not mean that it always has to be about him buying you material items.

Not saying that the guy has to be overly-nice and always on perfect behavior at all times, but if he's friendly and respectful to anyone from the stranger on the street to a waiter at a restaurant, that can show how he will most likely treat you.A man that steps up and admits he's wrong (whether he is right or wrong) is one to be respected.If someone owns up to their actions when they mess up or cause issues, that proves a lot about their character.Bringing up positive talking points can also contribute to this.Instead of the guy dwelling on the negative or talking a lot about his dislikes, it's better to discuss positive topics and things that are of high interest.

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So if a guy is taking an interest in what you love to do, he most likely cares about you and your personality, as the latter largely contributes to the things you enjoy the most.

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