How to restore itunes library after updating itunes

Well, there’s some good news if you do use i Tunes and can’t stand the latest version. Simply go to and right-click on i Tunes and hit Uninstall and wait for the uninstall process to complete.

It is possible to uninstall i Tunes 12 and downgrade to an older version on Windows. Ok, uninstalling version 12 is simple enough, how do you get an earlier version of i Tunes?

To its credit, Apple does offer the ability to download older versions of i Tunes for Windows and Mac.

Download an earlier version of i Tunes for Windows.

In fact, to stop annoying reminders about updating, go to can’t be read because it was created with a newer version — Click OK on that and make sure i Tunes is closed.

Now head to the local music folder on your computer. This method worked successfully for me on both Windows 8.1 update 1 and the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

I wasn’t able to find i Tunes 11 for my 64-bit system, so I went ahead and got i Tunes 10.7 – anything is better than version 12 right?

So now I have the i Tunes Match service that I pay for separately, and Apple Music, both of which use i Cloud Music Library.

While I concede that it is within the realm of possibility that I deleted my own files, it doesn’t make sense to me. I own all of Ozzy’s albums and quite a few compilations. Perhaps I deleted an Ozzy compilation album (I believe I did do that) that contained tracks that were also on some of his studio albums.

I can’t think of a single reason why I would download an album I already own, and album that is in my i Tunes Library, only to delete it. I’m wondering if i Tunes Match deleted my version of those same songs—songs that I own from my own CDs, purely because the titles were the same as those on the compilation album.

Now just go through the steps to install the new version of i Tunes, and you should be good to go!

If you do get an earlier version like I had to do on my 64-bit Windows system, don’t bother trying to update it because it’s going to want you to get i Tunes 12.

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Apple said my music was never deleted and that it was in the cloud the entire time.

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