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It only has the logo in the picture engraved on it and it says Ride with small letters to the right of the bell. The stick response on lower volumes is insane, a good bright stick sound with a quick fade but sounds crystal clear when riding it. I don't think the BROWN ones ever got the Embossed stamp (only the ink logo).Halfway between the bell and the edge of the cymbal roughly. Further research might confirm this distinction and confirm that you have a Black Label.For example, we’re often asked: “So, what should I do?

On the side it has a label that says "bankers handmade long filler" Does anybody know where info on this box can be found? Hi, Had a quick search and could only find these Page/3923300955 Bay ISAPI.dll? ( I am desperately trying not to add ..buying the box chocolates and flowers and spend time listening to what it wants to talk about.....

I can't distinguish whether the ink is brown or Black, it's quite faded. I wonder if the location of the embossed stamp would indicate Blacklabel (earlier) or Brown label?

But i don't think it has Paiste printed just above the bell. I see that on the Black Label it is in the positon in the middle of/half way up the cymbal I looked at 2 or 3 pics of Brown Label 404s and......

You guys and gals seen to know what you're talking about and it would be very cool to know a bit more about this old cymbal! As you might already know - 404s were made from 78-86 (with some 88s discovered) Pure gems IMHO.

If there is a "Paiste" in black ink very small just above the bell it is earlier.

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