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The attitude that your height is a defect and nobody could possibly love a short man is attraction poison. Yes, you may have to fake it for a while as you unlearn the bullshit that’s been shredding your ego.

That’s Just remember: Cultivating an air of ease and self-assurance is not only attractive in and of itself, but it leads into my next tip: It’s not how tall you are; it’s how tall people feel you are.

One of the best things you can do – especially as a short man – is to develop your sense of presence.

Presence is, simply, your ability to command people’s attention.

Over the years, I’ve dated and slept with women of all heights, ranging from 5’1″ to six-foot tall amazons.

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Society tends to equate height with masculinity and power; when you are lacking in one, you feel that people assume you’re lacking in the others as well. It bleeds into your body language and into the way you talk and relate to others.

You may think that you’re hiding it like the professional poker-player you could be, but in reality, that sour attitude is shining off you like an especially greasy halo.

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