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Their purpose is different; they are performed to simply move the performs and viewers physcologically, rather than to cause fear.This different goal is reflected in the way that they are performed. ” And of course, the Haka is synonymous with New Zealand, and it just made sense that when our tour company started it was called Haka Tours.Men who use stoicism to hide their pain are more likely to indulge in mangst.Either way, expect them to be the phlegmatic member of their group. While the Stoic may be low key and quiet, more often than not he's just as talkative as anyone else.

you wrote that “It is not exclusive to Māori; anyone is welcome to perform a haka.” but I’ve heard people say it’s often performed by Maoris but under special occasions or with permission the haka can be performed by others such as students in schools or the non-Maori All Blacks members. Hi Stephanie, First of all, thank you for reading our post, and thanks for the question!You’re right, a haka is mostly performed by Maori, but in certain occasions also by non-Maori.And that’s generally okay with most Maori, giving that the haka is performed with all the seriousness and respect that is deserves and that the performers are aware of what they are doing and what it means. Asking for permission before borrowing from another culture is always the best way to go, though.In New Zealand, you will find that the haka is performed for a lot of different reasons. ” And the last line, “Ā, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra! Later, the haka was used as a part of the formal process when two parties came together.Nationally, it is used at important events; an example of this is rugby games where it is performed at the start of each match. It is performed at weddings, funerals, local events and more. The haka that is performed today, for examples at sports games, is a way for communities to come together and a symbol for community and strength.

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