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Mc Fly boy (and our new favourite Opera Star) Danny Jones has finally broken his silence on the whole Georgia Horsley goings on (if you don’t know what’s been going on click here).

A word of warning Danny fans, this is going to sting – not only has he confirmed that they are together, he says Georgia is ‘the one’.

But I did have a great group of friends and they’d stick up for me.”When she was ten she went for some tests and was told that she could benefit from a hearing aid.“They said I’d have this device in my ear with a wire going over my head and down my back into a battery pack.

There was no way I was going to have that.”So Georgia got used to only being able to hear in one ear.“It didn’t stop me doing anything it was just difficult, especially in a crowded place with lots of people talking at once as I would really struggle to hear what people were saying,” she says,“People would also think I was rude.

My mates thought it was cool.” Danny insists that he is no love rat, just having fun.

We’re sure long term girlfriend Olivia Shaw had loads of fun when he dumped her for his first Miss England Laura Coleman. “I felt s*** for hurting the others but I’m not a cheat,” “But Georgia is the one – she’s epic.” “I left it badly with her [Olivia],” he admits. When you’re scared of breaking up with someone, you ask for some space instead.

I was just like, ‘Wow, it’s Miss England.’ It was pretty cool. Not only did I have an amazing time, but it really opened a lot of doors for me.”She kept her hearing loss quiet at the Miss England trials but after not hearing her number being called at the finals, she decided to tell people about it She now has a successful commercial modelling career doing television adverts, magazine work and catwalk. “It made me realise what I had been missing,” added Georgia.It wasn’t until a few months ago when she was approached by a hearing aid company, Phonak, and asked if she would try their Nano device, that she had ever thought about having another hearing aid .“I thought ‘why not? I knew if I didn’t like it then I didn’t have to wear it.”Although Georgia realised technology had moved on, she wasn’t prepared for just how much.“The Phonak Nano is tiny. And when she walks down the aisle next year and Danny stands on her right side she will be able to hear him say “I do”’.Georgia took to Twitter after the bash to share her happiness - and excitement about the honeymoon. Kayaking in the crystal clear sea."And, judging by Danny's latest Instagram pic, wherever they are, it's heaven on Earth. Indeed, they jetted off to an exotic destination with Virgin Atlantic, and Georgia and Danny have both been sharing snippets of their honeymoon online, but have not revealed the destination.

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