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I ask him if, in the era of tabloid witch hunts, those in the public eye live with a fear that one day they’ll wake up to find that they’ve become the story, and whether this means having to censor parts of his character in public all the time.“I think if you’ve got stuff to hide, there’s a level of stress that people live with.

I think I read somewhere that someone said I was fiercely protective of my private life, and I thought well, there’s nothing fierce about protecting a private life. And in a way the shyness is me protecting other people from that.

Armitage was never engaged to Samantha Colley, but the Internet generated a report of their breakup recently in which she “spilt up” with him. (The attribution to the Sun-Times is completely false.) Unfortunately for Armitage, their German counterpart generated a report on Friday that he was single again. He’d been seen alone, on a solitary walk after collecting his mail at the end of his several-mile-long driveway. Interestingly, the English site calls the report “false” while the German one calls it “unsubstantiated.” acting Armitage's body Armitage as mirror Armitage as victim Armitage on Armitage Armitageworld dogmas attempts at bravery career fans fantasy gratitude gravitas Guy of Gisborne heterosexual utopias humiliation if I could interview Mr.

Soon, he was transferred to Pattison College so that he could learn dance and drama.

When he was in Spooks, Armitage famously gained first-hand experience of waterboarding in preparation for a torture scene.

He says this sort of understanding is essential to his approach to acting.“There’s a fascination from the actor’s point of view of, if I don’t experience that, have I fully understood the character?

How does Armitage feel to be up against that performance? And I think there are some monumental performances in it.

But I think there’s something about witnessing this play in the round - the theatre is a sort of bowl shape like a crucible - with the audience observing themselves across the room at times, that is the most exciting aspect of this.”Day-Lewis prepared for the role by building his character’s house himself with 17th-century tools.

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