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The primary ruling of Islam about a Muslim’s corpse is that it should be disposed of in a dignified way through a special procedure of washing, shrouding and burial.Relying on guiding principles extracted from the Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt, the jurists formulate the rules governing the newly occurring circumstances.Ayatullahs Nasir Makarim and Khamanie would concur with this view.(B) After your death According to the late Ayatullah al-Khu’i, donating some of the organs (whether minor or major) after the death is permissible provided you have expressed your intention clearly in your will.Ayatullah Nasir Makarim also holds the same opinion.Ayatullah Khamenei allows this provided the body does not look like a mutilated body — so donating internal organs would be permissible but cutting off the external organs would amount to mutilation of the corpse which is not permissible.

For details, see my Ritual & Spiritual Purity.) But after the area has healed, there should be no problem at all because the former organ of the kafir has become, after transplantation, your organ and, as such, it will be considered tahir (pak, ritually pure). The same would apply if an animal's organ (e.g., a baboon's heart or a pig's organ) was transplanted to your body.The recipient of your organ does not necessarily have to be a Muslim; you can donate your organs, wherever permissible, even to a non-Muslim.Can I as a Muslim accept the transplantation of a non-Muslim’s organ to my body? There is no problem in transplanting a non-Muslim’s organ to your body.Where did NOI come from, and how long has it existed? Fard appeared in Detroit in 1930, selling goods door to door and telling his customers in Detroit's African-American ghetto of their ancestral "homeland" across the seas.NOI was founded in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1930s by Wali Farad (or W. Fard passed the torch to Elijah Muhammad, who formulated NOI's most controversial tenets, including that he [Elijah Muhammad] was Allah's prophet and that Caucasians were racially inferior.

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