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The regiment had a single battalion with supporting establishment and soon adopted a "commando" or light infantry role as the best means to accomplish its mission as a force in readiness.

when I first read it, I felt completely unable to describe the book in any meaningful context, so overwhelmed was I by the experience, so I have left it until now, and after much musing on its content, am again attempting this review in a more sober frame of mind.Korff’s response is both bizarre and yet understandable; his grief at the terrible death suffered by his defenceless pets leads him to brutally beat the offender, hospitalising him.Yet this same Korff, defender of a pair of murdered kittens, is the man who has already killed a number of enemy soldiers at this stage in his service.First impressions can be false though, and I am pleased to say that mine were in this instance.Any person who has had to endure what the author and his comrades did, through tough training and later on a succession of external operations into Angola in 1981, will have to admire his human spirit and endurance under extreme duress.

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If I may, let me start at the end, by saying that I believe this to be THE best personal account of national service by a combat soldier in the old South African Defence Force that I have read to date.

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