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There are 63 significant figures of Jain legend and story.

The most important of these are the 24 Tirthankaras, perfected human beings who appeared as teachers at various times in history and represent the highest religious attainment for the Jains.

Jainists, like Buddhists, do not worship God, but revere instead the saints who are believed to have achieved complete liberation from the bondage of earthly life.

And if you find the right person, who knows where it may lead...

Jain dharma teaches that every living thing is an individual and eternal soul, which is responsible for its own actions.

The Tirthankaras, along with 12 cakravartins (“world conquerors”), nine vasudevas (counterparts of Vasudeva, the patronymic of Krishna), and nine baladevas (counterparts of Balarama, the elder half-brother of Krishna), constitute the 54 mahapurusas (“great souls”), to which were later added nine prativasudevas (enemies of the vasudevas).

Other, more minor, figures include nine naradas (counterparts of the deity Narada, the messenger between gods and humans), 11 rudras (counterparts of the Vedic god Rudra, from whom Siva is said to have evolved), and 24 kamadevas (gods of love), all of which show Hindu influences.

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