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‘I was 22 and with my degree, I was putting people on rides dressed in a brown polyester suit.’‘Though I didn’t know it at the time, it was the most incredible training,’ she enthuses. ‘I was always trying to figure out how to get doors open.

‘I learned that no doesn’t always mean no, and that you may get 30 nos before you get the one yes. I learned that with humour, by making someone laugh or smile, you could get that crucial extra 30 seconds with them.’I thought I’d try to get a bit more at night,’ she quips.

Thus the newest line, the more affordable Assets Red Hot Label, is about to launch in Debenhams stores across the UK, priced between £29 and £62 and aimed at minimising muffin-tops for office-cum-boudoir, with its vast chandelier, velvet stools, vases of orchids and roses, family photos and shelves of fashion books (plus, rather appropriately, The Big Butt Book).But her company is not one to sit on its smooth and sculpted behind – up next, Spanx jeans.It’s a wonder no one has thought to try it before, but few other firms seem to have Sara’s commitment to achieving perfect control.‘We need to work out exactly how we want them to fit and how we want them to stretch,’ she says.‘Are we targeting more the bottom, or the muffin-top, or both?

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