Java script for validating date

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Thus you’ll have to verify the month, year and day of a Date separately to detect an invalid date.

I assume that you have custom validation control set to all the three drop downs (which is not mentioned in the code).

Using Java Script, I want to test if a date and time is in the allowed format.

These values are valid: 2011-9-9 22: 2001-11-11 2091-1-1 These values are NOT valid: 11-9-9 22: 2001-11-11 2091-1-1 xyz Don't forget that a user supplied "date" can match the pattern, and still be invalid.

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XML Hi, I have a string containing data in XML format. Is there any method in java that allows strings as input to validate xml?

It handles dates using the current Culture Info object on the page, so its multicultural.

For instance, “2015-02-30” is not a valid date but the Date instance would still be created.

The date will however be adjust to point to the next logical date and in this case, our Date will be set as “2015-03-02”.

We have also provided the javascript date validation for the dd/mm/yyyy format.

If the valid date character is changed please make sure you replace it in the HTML and Javascript code too.

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