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Hunt Ethridge, another lead coach, says clients frequently want help winning back their exes.

“Should that not work out, we’ll help set you up for the next thing,” he said.

“We can’t do magic.”Kristen, 50, a divorced mother who works in the real estate industry in Boston, said she doesn’t have such lofty expectations of her digital coach.

(She also asked that her last name not be used.) “It’s an as-needed approach when I connect with someone, and I’m not feeling inspired or creative about how to reach out,” she said.

(He requested his last name be withheld, because he worried women might have an “uncharitable” opinion of a man who was paying a coach to analyze their conversations and texts.Video Transcript Hi my name is Jessica Claire and I'm a professional dating coach here in New York City for New York Dating Coach.There will always be people without their phones jezsica without their music playing.There will always be people without their phones and without their music playing. Check back regularly for upcoming events we think you should see.

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