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The film is an attack on American business culture.

A roll-up credit at the end thanks a list of people who brought us the movie; all of them executives at Enron and World Com and other companies whose scandals have rocked the financial world. He plays a man who loses his job and ends up on the scrapheap, with wife and child.

After appearing in various films and television shows in the late 2000s, Leoni found her stride in television this time, playing Secretary of State Dr. Leoni was married to television producer Neil Joseph Tardio, Jr. In 2008, the couple separated, with the media attributing their marital issues to Duchovny's sexual addiction.

The couple reconciled shortly after but in 2011 separated again and officially divorced in 2014.

When he bangs them together for that big tombstone smile that says "showtime", I sink lower in my seat.

Born Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni on February 25, 1966, the only child to parents Emily, a nutritionist, and Anthony Pataleoni, a lawyer.Growing up in Canada, the Carrey family hit hard times in the early 1970s when Jim's father lost his job as an accountant.All of them, including the four kids, took jobs as janitors at a wheel factory.They lived out of a Kombi van on a relative's lawn for a while, until they got re-established.A lot of the film's anger comes straight from this experience, I assume.

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While Dick stammers, the show puts up a graphic showing the plummeting value of the stock. What follows is a kind of modern Depression comedy - a bit like , set in Silicon Valley.

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