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In "The Game Show King," the promise comes in a New York hospital as his would-be bride lies in agony with peritonitis.

"The possibility of being on coast-to-coast television was tempting enough to lure the newlyweds to our studios." "Music changed when the Beatles arrived," David Schwartz, the editor of the Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, told Entertainment Weekly in 1999, "and game shows changed when Chuck Barris' shows came on." Barris also changed the industry behind the scenes -- an accidental innovation that's had an even greater impact on television than his on-screen successes, and will continue to do so long after the reality craze fades, if it ever does.Barris has claimed to have written subsequent hits pseudonymously, but Cannon told the Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call in 1999 that he called Barris after the song broke, looking for more hits. I guess the guy just had one great song in him." After convincing the network to let him open an office in Los Angeles, Barris made a pilot for a game show called "People Poker." There were five people from each of three professions, plus a "wild card," and contestants had to correctly guess the professions to collect a poker hand. The prize for the winners was usually some household appliance, which they'd invariably go bananas over as the other three couples looked crestfallen.Three electricians and two mechanics, say, would beat a pair of each. Meanwhile, Barris was bridling at ABC's conservatism and bureaucracy. Barris later revealed the secret behind these reactions: He'd ask prospective clients what their dream gift would be, then match couples who answered similarly on the same show.Two of ABC's new game shows were tanking, and the network needed replacements fast. The show's format was simple: A pretty young bachelorette would interview three prospective bachelors she couldn't see. "' If for some strange reason the critic liked it, the public won't.She'd choose one to spend a night on the town with. A really bad review means the show will be on for years.'" And, at least in the case of his first two shows, he was right.

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But as the shows began taping, Barris ran into an unforeseen problem: The contestants were getting down and dirty! So rather than a night at one of Hollywood's finest restaurants, the nighttime winners would get a romantic vacation, chaperoned by a staffer from the production company.

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