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Public perceptions about risk and protective factors for cognitive health and impairment: A review of the literature.

(attached PDF for personal reading) Phelan, E., Debman, K., Anderson, L.

Screening for post-traumatic stress disorder in a civilian emergency department population with traumatic brain injury.

S., Thornton-Evans, G., Zhang, X., Lu, H., Mc Guire, L. Financial and Health Barriers and Caregiving-Related Difficulties Among Rural and Urban Caregivers. In Walking: Connecting Sustainable Transport with Health (pp. Screening for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Civilian Emergency Department Population with Traumatic Brain Injury. Setting the Stage: Cancer Prevention among Adults Aged 45 to 64. H., Bradley, C., Liaw, W., Rothemich, S., Slonim, A., Benson, W. Clinical and Community Delivery Systems for Preventive Care: An Integration Framework.

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