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You can also use a JSP tag library available free from the Apache Jakarta Project, which provides the This sample code shows the basic structure of a JSP that uses the Web Logic JSP form validation tags.

(You need to use both of these validators because blank values are evaluated by the Regular Expression Field Validator as valid.) When the JSP page is re-displayed after the validator tag has found errors, it is useful to re-display the values that the user already entered, so that the user does not have to fill out the entire form again.

Use the To prevent cross-site scripting security vulnerabilities, replace any HTML special characters in user-supplied data with HTML entity references.

[1] Safari doesn't do validation, but instead offers a custom "email" keyboard, which is designed to make entering email addresses easier.

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The validation is performed by several custom JSP tags that are included with the Web Logic Server distribution.

The tags can When a validation tag determines that data in a field is not been input correctly, the page is re-displayed and the fields that need to be re-entered are flagged with text or an image to alert the end user.

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