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FYI: Treat your matchmaker with dignity and respect.

Realistically, they take your money for the services rendered..they are there to help you persevere by teaching you to make love a priority.

Another physician friend of mine suggested I give Two Of Us Dating Service a call.

Maybe I was just so excited about the possibility of cruising to Belize with him that I completely forgot to call my matchmakers to tell them how happy I was.

Soon after we arrived and unpacked in the hotel, we went to the beach where he proposed to me!!!

No matter what, I was determined to make this work.

I was just glad to make friends and try something different. Mark had been on a few more dates than I had, but he said I was the first woman that he could imagine being with for the rest of his life. I put dating on hold and started seeing him exclusively.

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--Thank you It was a little over a year ago that you introduced me to Joan, and we're happy to announce that we're getting married! But, it's all thanks to you, you deserve all the credit for our love!

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