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Perhaps that is the explanation for the integration of his message with that of his contemporary prophet.

Additional Notes 1:1 The name Zechariah reflects the Hebrew ), “he whom YHWH remembers.” It is thus of a type known as a theophoric name, one containing part or all of a divine name, in this case YHWH.

The only OT reference to such a martyrdom appears to refer to a prophet Zechariah who was a son of Jehoiada the priest, a story to be dated no later than 800 B. One might suppose that Jehoiada the priest had a son Berechiah, no longer known apart from the NT, and that it was his son Zechariah who was murdered.

The great age of Jehoiada at his death (130 years; 2 Chron. As Matthew suggests, Jesus is referring to the first (Abel) and last (Zechariah) prophetic martyrs in terms of their canonical appearance, Gen. 24 respectively, and not as the first and last chronologically.

1:4 For the clearly mispointed Kethib This second introduction in the book embraces all the visions to follow (1:8—), as is clear from the absence of another until chap. It is also the mark of a subdivision of the book following the general introduction of 1:1-6. C., in the modern calendar (see Introduction to Zechariah, p. This is approximately three months after the initial call of Zechariah (1:1) and two months after Haggai’s last revelation (Hag. It is quite possible that the vision introduced first on that date was prompted by the need to affirm Haggai’s endorsement of Zerubbabel as the signet of YHWH (Hag. That notion of dominion is central in the first vision. May, with some plausibility, argues that the New Year ritual of coronation may be in view.

In the strict sense, the first vision itself consists of vv. The return of Darius to Persia from Egypt, through Palestine, may also have given rise to elements of the vision, particularly the horsemen. New Year’s day was coming shortly, a time when Zerubbabel could be crowned as the Davidic successor.

1:3 The phrase “says YHWH of hosts,” occurring three times in this verse, is lacking in some of the LXX codices in the last two instances.

In fact, Siebeneck goes so far as to say that this section (with chaps.C.), Zechariah was likely quite young in 520, being, in fact, a contemporary of Joiakim, son of the first postexilic priest Joshua (Neh , 12-16).Joiakim’s own son Eliashib was high priest in the time of Nehemiah (Neh 3:1; cf. C., so Joiakim’s priesthood (and thus Zechariah’s ministry) very likely lasted well after 520, perhaps as late as the end of the first quarter of the fifth century.The reference to the former prophets and their cry of repentance echoes the verdict of the history of the northern tribes following the collapse of Samaria under the Assyrians in 722 B. The defeat of Israel, the historian had said, came about because Israel had sinned against YHWH by “fearing other gods” and “walking in the statutes” ( “covenant”).Zechariah next turns his attention to the calamity that overcame the ancestors because of their failure to heed.

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Zechariah, here identified as the son of Berechiah and grandson of Iddo, is referred to otherwise only in Ezra (5:1; ) and Nehemiah () in the OT.

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