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This marks Herron's third Bachelor Nation appearance.Lesley Murphy participated in The Bachelor Winter Games as Team USA. Sean's fellow Bachelorette contestant Arie Luyendyk, Jr.First the exhibit manager and then the artist come into the room and they ask Des what she has done to the precious artwork.Des does not know how to respond..Sean returns to the room to save her, telling her that the art staff are actually professional actors and the artpiece is worth .00.Luyendyk would go on to become the star of The Bachelor five seasons later.

In addition to the 25 new contestants, the premier revealed one mystery woman, bringing the total to 26.Croix in the United States Virgin Islands and Thailand.Appearances including Ben Taylor, Eli Young Band and Sarah Darling.That evening Sarah tells Sean that she intended to try a zip-line in Las Vegas, but couldn't because the rules would not allow her to participate with her "disability." She receives a rose.Group date: Amanda, Brooke, Catherine, Daniella, Diana, Kacie B., Katie, Kristy, Lesley M., Robyn, Selma, Taryn, Tierra. Professionals take care of attire and makeup for various groupings of photo shoots for a romance novel.

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