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Seriously that is why they groom her and it is all conditioning her and in her mind she is held captive by these scammers so take her phone and take the computer. And in December he suddenly had to go to Canada offshore to repair an oil rig. I haven't heard back from this dumb [email protected]@ but the next morning he said you don't say anything to me since I have a problem with the machine. Yes we're looking for love but you shouldn't have to pay for it. I was corresponding and talking on Whats App to a man who says he is from Oslo, Norway. He stopped messaging until a few days ago and came on with the smooth talk again and the further requests came..cannot access his account! I've been posting my comments here for the past 2 months on and off. I update my status on Whats App and boom, my first scammer eventually responded to my status. He is as smooth as they come and has a Spanish accent. Claims he has his own company--engineering services and procurement company. They would not waste their time doing such a thing because most are married.

Do research on scammers and show her the many romance scam sites until she is convinced that he is not real and he is fake fake fake. He professsed his love for me although we never met. Now all of the sudden the machine out in the Pacific has broken. I said if you're asking for money you might as well run the other way. I did point out it would be hopeless for me to transfer money to him as he’d still be In the same position!!!! I'm not sure if he's delusional or just plain stupid. He Will send love poems and say you are his wife then ask for money for Melissa his daughter in boarding school. Not widowed, not divorced, and not looking for someone. Your money is going to be gone and your heart broken. God Bless I recently connected and have become dear friends with a precious woman who was hurt by the same scammer that hurt me.

I really don't know how a man can live with themselves or have any self respect robbing people of their money. He never asked me for another thing after that until the end then he used his daughter supposedly 17 years old in boarding school to tell me that I was his only hope for them to mail his salary to me which was 0,000.

I am now recognizing scammers all the time on singles websites. He was supposed to mail it in a box in cash and anybody with a brain would know that that was so wrong on every level so I did a facial recognition on his picture, and believe me the picture was very handsome.

The name he used then was Larry Doswell and he contacted me through Plenty of Fish. I found the fake/stolen photos on "Scamhaters" facebook page. If you send pictures, be very careful what is in the background. We just had conversations on Hangouts web page and Gmail.

I have emergency control of her finances but each day she begs me for more money. We have a responsibility to the world once our eyes have been opened to a problem and we MUST be a part of the solution!

5 thousand, 3 thousand, just a thousand, and I tell her no. Now he wants 30,000.00 to fix his crane on the rig. I pray you will pick yourselves up by your bootstraps, determine to move forward and join the fight against the wrongs we are now personally aware of.

This weekend he got her to go to Target and buy a 100 i Tunes gift card. I am sorry for the pain you have each suffered, truly I am!

Anyone else still currently being scammed by this Blake Roberts or have any supporting information for me to attempt to convince my mom? Let’s take our pain and use it as fuel to make the world a safer place for our friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces.... After just rescuing my 81 year old mother from one romance scam, I believe she's found another. I see, via a google search that people on this page are talking about him but I can't find the specific thread.

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