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Get the score for this perfume Scent: 9/10 Sillage: 7.5/10 Longevity: 5.5/10 Compliments: 10/10 Performance: Poor up to 2 hours I actually used to love you because you were truely my number one. Now like a bad marriage I can’t wait for you to get out of my life. I think the spices in this sort of mimic that clean sweat sunshine smell of a Man who has been working or playing sports outside. Almost salty, even though there is no salt note listed. But it's safe to say the quality in this perfume surpasses Villain.

You slept with the world and lost my respect to the point where I don’t even think you smell good anymore. I didn't like villain very much (not really a fan of Ed Hardy fragrances) so I gave it away but this one is solid despite the lacklustre performance. Performance: Poor up to 2 hours Projection: Ok, people you´re standing beside will notice it You´ll need an atomizer if you want this fragrance to last longer which also means the bottle will be used up much faster unfortunetly.

Yep, good, it’s not in your face Very decent opening. I wouldn’t suggest it for a club or a lounge but it is good for an office setting.

If you spray this at 8 in the morning and arrive at work at 9, by 10 nobody will smell the fragrance at all.

In line with that Gabbana said: '"I like spicy-oriental notes and we've never done these types of fragrances, it's a little warmer than our other men's scents".

Fragrance The One for Men opens with sparkling notes of bergamot, coriander and basil, the middle motes bring in cardamom, ginger and neroli, while the base notes create a very masculine trace of cedar, ambergris and tobacco.

When it comes to the choice of the model, the Dolce&Gabbana designers said that they wanted to have the sexiest man on the planet.

And with regards to that, Gabbana adds that this is the first time that a model in one of D&G men's fragrance campaigns appears in clothes.

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