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Here’s why Ugandan Women are far better than Kenyan Women. Kenyan Women Are Ugly A wise man once said, that there’s no ugly woman, only lazy ones.Yet when you look at all the effort that Kenyan women put in trying to be beautiful, it’s amazing that they are still ugly.It’s easier to find a heart-broken Kenyan man than one who can comfortably praise his woman for her love.The only reason why Ugandan women end up taking all the Kenyan men is because love from Ugandan women is still pure, it’s undefiled by standards.For the same query, a Kenyan woman will write a 20 long sentence; While the average Ugandan woman knows a thing or two about philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius, Kenyan women are more troubled by the meaning of Eric Omondi’s jokes. Kenyan Women are the worst road drivers Time and again, you will see photos on Facebook of Kenyan women drivers doing the most unexpected of things.

At 5pm strictly, a Ugandan woman will rush home, prepare a meal for the husband, and later on take a shower and show up in the best lingerie for her man.

At least in Uganda, a woman will appreciate when a man goes out of his way to provide for her.

Kenyan women have this deeply embedded self-entitlement.

Come to Kampala, pick the worst dressed Ugandan women and you will soon realize the fashion disaster that is Kenyan women.

You read Ugandan fashion magazines and blogs for tips on how to dress well, you read fashion recommendations from Kenyan blogs and magazines to find out which fashion disasters to avoid.

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