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There was times when I would really wonder why and ask myself, ‘Is it you? “He said no, but so, why was the paperwork filed if you say no? I got my own imprint at Epic and I’m owning my masters.” On D-I-Y Spirt: “I shot the cover of the album in my living room. She promised she would get better and it’s not for people to see like that.’ My whole thing was her getting better and actually changing but I’m not doing that. A., running through the streets with a Uber…I’m like, ‘You need to come on, get in the car.’ …I’m assuming [she’s back on drugs]. But my thing was, it hurt me that it was Mother’s Day. I was crying to her and I said, ‘Ma, I feel like one day I’ma come looking for you and I ain’t gonna find you.’ She was like, ‘You’ll be alright.’ I was like, ‘I need a break.'” On Dating: “Yeah. There is somebody but it’s a slow kinda procedure with the whole getting to know each other thing and it takes time.

When asked if Gibson is currently asking for spousal support and full custody of their child, Cole said it “could be” true. I’ve been paying for billboards and for a lot of things to happen personally.

Read Full Story(Getty Images)The reviews for Beyoncé's halftime show at the Super Bowl on Sunday have been overwhelmingly positive, but there's at least one celebrity critic who wasn't entirely impressed: R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

Many offers poured down the line including a reality show with BET called "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is".Instead, it was fueled by the painful fact she discovered about her boyfriend.After she caught him cheating with another girl, the 16-year-old took her car, left Bay Area where she was raised to seek a better future in Los Angeles.Read Full Story(Getty) Singer Keyshia Cole wed her longtime love, the Cleveland Cavaliers' Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, on Saturday—and her hubby couldn't wait to share the details with their fans! Gibson took to Twitter soon after their nuptials to announce, "It's OFFICIAL!!!!!

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  1. Kathy unconsciously pulled on the hem of her short, black dress. When Pat had bought it for her she was a bit shocked; it was much too short and low cut for her taste. She had never worn stockings before either, and, at first, found them uncomfortable.