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If you suspect you have any complication, you should see a medical professional straight away.

"Most of the time clients think they have an infection, they actually have an irritation, usually caused by some outside trauma to the piercing," Cantwell warns.

The know-how of a trained professional and proper aftercare techniques will make the process as smooth as possible.

We spoke with professional body piercers and a dermatologist about what you should know before you're ready for a nipple piercing, then asked four New York City women what it was like to get theirs done.

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Any reputable piercer will also act sort of like a meditation teacher, helping you keep calm and instructing you to breathe as they pierce you. "We tell our clients to take a deep breath in and let it out.You are probably not Rihanna, but you can become a little more like her with a nipple piercing or two.Getting one is a little more complicated than simply putting on a necklace, of course, and it can certainly hurt, but don't let that stop you if your heart is set on it."The best way to avoid an infection is to go to a high-quality piercing studio with implant-grade materials and follow their aftercare instructions."As mentioned, beware of any jewelry containing nickel, because it often causes allergies and rashes.Nipple piercings do introduce a slight risk of developing scar tissue, while could technically affect breastfeeding.

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