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Donna and Eric got together in the very first season, and were the true love that persisted throughout almost the entire series.Controversial opinion: Even though I love Eric and Donna and choose to believe from the That '70s Show's vague-finale that they end up together forever, I LOVED when Donna dated a Kelso in Season 4. He had swagger, and truly did make Eric look a little shrimpy.

Piper refuses and (naturally) everything backfires because both of them switch up their planned testimonies. Bad news: The drug dealer she snitched on may or may not be trying to kill her. [Spoiler] Piper then selfishly tricks Alex into violating parole in the season finale, which means her pal is returning to Litchfield for season three. spoke with actress Laura Prepon about her regular return to the show, Nicky vs. You've said that men don't ask you out much because your being a career person scares them. I think we're really seeing this vulnerable side to her. I feel like with season one, you have to do a lot of reiterating and exposition just to keep the audience knowing who people are.

Season two, you expand on that with awesome storylines.

And then, season three, the audience knows who everybody is so then you can really blow it out the water.

But surprisingly, unlike Vause, Laura Prepon has all but sworn off dating.

She plays characters who always have someone on their arm (hello, Donna Pinciotti and Eric Foreman), but Prepon herself has all but sworn off of dudes. I'm totally focusing on season three, and I'm totally fine — because guys occupy a lot of attention space in your mind.

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Jackie and Kelso might have moved up in the ranks of favorite That '70s Show couples since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got together IRL and satisfied our teen fantasies. There's no arguing that Donna Pinciotti and Eric Foreman were the thread that held the show together.

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