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JA asks her how she can just ignore someone like that? JA goes to her room but her mother goes in there too and hits her. Umma tells her that he is not her biological son, but he is a son. MORNING CG and JM talk about why they don’t get together anymore. Upstairs, JM asks CG what is going on with him and the director? Today, just keep quiet, I don’t want you to have a hard time without me.

Life is a correct thing and right thing and it is a process, if one thing goes wrong than everything goes wrong. She really looks like she is about to murder someone and is thinking of how to do it.

Appa – they like each other, don’t block them Umma – everyone knew about it but me? JA talks to JH and says everything is okay, Mom was just surprised.

JA goes to get the car, Umma holds her arm and her two men stand next to her.

SH comes in and she starts hitting him some more and tells her that he shouldn’t have hidden this from her.

It’s okay, I know how to go downstairs (playfully).

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COMMERCIAL BREAK —————– #4 UMMA scoffs, you knew that? Listen to me, you should only think about JA, her life is dependent on this. She jokes and tells him F-you, you should get married. At JH’s home, JA gives her mom the medicine and tells her how to take it. Umma tells her that she should ahve made it quiet, but did she brag around?

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