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Florida and Utah make underage sexting a felony for repeat offenders.

Therefore, the revenge porn statute gives juveniles a “break” on the first offense by treating it as a misdemeanor.The National Conference of State Legislatures reported that since 2009, at least 20 states have passed legislation that treats underage sexting differently from child pornography.State laws that address teen sexting recognize that even the consensual sharing of sexually explicit images of minors is harmful but generally treat the offense as a misdemeanor with relatively light punishments, such as fines, counseling, community service, and out of court diversion programs (see this list of state sexting laws).Based on my recent advising requests, other counties are also dealing with sexting issues in their schools. For 16 and 17 year olds who are automatically prosecuted in criminal court, the social stigma of a permanent criminal record is another consequence that has a potential lifetime impact.The offending students often end up with felony charges, at least initially, for behavior which one recent study suggests is a fairly common practice among U. Perhaps even more troubling is that sexting results in harsher penalties for some teens than actually engaging in sex.

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A growing number of teens in NC and across the nation are facing criminal charges for sexting.

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