Leo and aquarius dating

While she’s working the room he’s in the center of it, enjoying all the lavish attention he’s getting.

Either one can make the first move for they are both extroverts, and once they start talking they don’t stop.

And bringing these two sun signs together creates a powerhouse of a couple.

She just has to be careful not to bruise his ego and he has to avoid trying to control her unstable personality.

The Aquarius woman Leo man will have to find the right balance between his pride and her disconnect if they are to share in a satisfactory union.

For once he is committed to this relationship his generosity is endless, and she will respond in kind.

The Leo man may get offended if he can’t bring her head out of the clouds, for that means she isn’t paying him enough attention.

He is king of the castle and he’s looking for an adoring queen to admire him.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, this couple are a somewhat odd mix.

This is what the Aquarius Leo match will have to keep in mind for their future together, because things can get rocky otherwise.

While they are a great match mentally and sometimes physically, emotionally they are in different places.

This may continue the argument for much longer than it needs to be, and she may have to back down to maintain harmony in their relationship.

But if she can find patience and he can learn to listen, they will be an unstoppable force.

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