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In an attempt to get pregnant, there have been several reported cases where women take the used condom, insert the sperm into themselves, and try to get pregnant. She can sabotage your career or, worse, file lawsuits claiming sexual harassment.

At the minimum, you will have to see her every day, and maybe collaborate with her frequently. With all the background checks employers perform, if a sexual harassment lawsuit pops up you can say good buy to that job.

The only time you should see her again is if there is guaranteed sex. laws mostly favor woman and will very rarely will it protect a man’s right.Leykis’ 101 class is currently held on The Tom Leykis Show on Thursdays..00 Spending Limits Leykis 101 students are cautioned against spending more than on a date.According to Tom Leykis, there are several cases where women have attempted to impregnate themselves with the contents of used condoms, in an effort to extract child support payments from the man. Her area is very sensitive to chemicals and she will think twice before trying that again.Leykis advises men who use the ‘hot sauce method’ to “get out as soon as they hear a scream”, probably indicating that the woman has tried ‘injecting’ the contents of the condom into herself. Dating Co-workers Dipping your friend in the company ink is a strict no-no. Your conversation outside of work should be limited to Good (Morning / Afternoon / Evening).

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Anyways, I had pretty much a good relationship for almost 10 years, the end was regretful, specially her actions and the way she handled it (not her fault, just how women are at the end).

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