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Based on the information in the in-flight analysis and Mot Opinion report, you may wish to revise or refine your power system.

One way to do this is to return to the Moto Wizard (select Moto Wizard...

If you are a bit more experienced, and know some of the components you want to use to power your model (for example, a particular motor or battery), you can tell the Moto Wizard this and it will try to choose a suitable power system using those components.

Printing This Manual If you prefer a printed version of this manual, we suggested printing the Adobe PDF version, which can be found on the Moto Calc CD (as of version 8.03) in the file "Moto Calc.pdf".

Below this you will see a table of predictions at different airspeeds, estimating things like current consumption, input and output power, and so on.

Using color coding, the table will also indicate the model's predicted stalling speed, optimal flying speed, and hands-off flying speed (these speeds are generally at less than full throttle). button at the bottom of the in-flight analysis to display the Mot Opinion page, which will give you a plane-English description of how your plane will fly, and any potential problems with the selected power system.

After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.

Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.

The last line of the summary, labeled "Stats", summarizes the predicted performance of the model.At this point, you can modify any of the parameters that you wish.For example, if the Moto Wizard is suggesting a 4:1 gearbox and 12x8 propeller, but you know you can only obtain a 3.7:1 gearbox, change the gear ratio (and perhaps decrease the propeller size slightly).from the Project menu in the Moto Calc Workbench window) and either select another one of the Moto Wizard's suggestions (step 1), or change some of the options and have the Moto Wizard generate new suggestions.Alternatively, you might just slightly revise the current suggestion by making changes in the Moto Calc Workbench window, perhaps trying different propeller sizes, more or fewer cells, or a different gear ratio (step 2).

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