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Others of deeper and mingled colours, but less innocuous, lie coiled up, or, disturbed by the human intru- der, assume an angry and dangerous look, but glide out of sight. In other words the air, manner, and expression, con* stitute the great distinction between them. Insects in their shapes and hues imitate leaves, twigs and flowers. In one or two rare in*' stances even this was almost wanting. Zollinger in describing Mount Semird in Java notices this singular resemblance to the monntains of his native coqntry. 7 a Taint (raoscript of the reality, and that onr imagination can never conceive the dreadful spectacle which still appals their memories. What is remariohle, the Binu& have never been known on the upper part of the Sfdili although it has its source in the same mountains where the Johore * Tbis is not a very legitimate use of the word Binuft,— '* orteg Btaiu* liiera Uy meaning the people of the coantry. Fortunately these awfal explosions of the earth, which to man convert nature into the supernataral, occur at rare intervals | and, thoogh scarcely a year elapse without some voleano bursting into action, the greater portion of the Ar- chipelago being more than once shaken, and even the ancient granitic floor of the Peninsula trembling beneath as, this ter- restrial Instability has ordinarily no worse effect than to dispel ih€ i Uasion that we tread upon a solid globe, to con- vert the physical romance of geological history into the familiar associations of our own lives, and to unite the events of the passing hour with those which first fitted the world for the habitation of man. It did not appear from the en- quiries which I made in many places, that they ever had any distinctive name. Monkeys, of many sizes and colours, spring from branch to branch, or, in long trains, rapidly steal up the trunks. The Bintfird of Boko in his bearing and manner so much resembled a qmet, shrewd, old Malay trader, that the Malays who accompanied me considered him to be such until his pronunciation betrayed him. Deer, and amongst them the graceful palandoh, no bigger than a hare, and celebrated in Malayan poetry, on our approach fly startled from the pools which they and the wild hog most frequent. The great majority how- ever are, at the first glance, distingidshable from Malays. While the eye in vain seeks to familiarize itself with the exuberance and diversity of the forest vegetation, the ear drinks in the sounds of life which break the silence and deepen the solitude. Their language, appearance, and habits are similar.

No sooner has decay diminished the green array of a branch, than its place is supplied by epiphites, chiefly fragrant orchidaceae, of singular and beautiful forms. Whether the Fibkog tribes immediately to the north of the Indiu (who are said to be veiy numerous,) are woular to the Binui I had no opportunity of ascertaining, but the Binu& inhabiting the country which I have indicated, whether they are as distinct from the tribes on the north east of the Peninsula as they are from those 00 the northwest or not, undoubtedly form a separate tribe in them- selves ; for, while they are all mutually related, they have no connec- tion vrith any other tribes, and hardly any knowledge of such. When we pass from the open sea of the Archipelago into the deep shade of its mountain forests, we have realized all that, in Europe, our fancies ever pictured of the wildness and beauty of prime- nature. About half a day's walk from the source of the former rises an affluent of the rive'' Mu^ called Sungtt Pfigo« which gives its name to a tribe found on its banks and anu»i|;st the adj»^ cent Mils. Trees of gigantic forms and exuberant foliage rise en every side: each species shooting up its trunk to its utmost measure of development, and striving, as it seems, to escape from the dense crowd. The Binui described the oring Pfigo as a wild race, naked, without houses, shunning all intercourse with the Mabys, and having very Uttle even with them. The same telluric energy which piled the mountain from the ocean to the douds, even while we gate in sil«»t worship on its glorious form is gathering in its dark womb, and time speeds on to the day, whose coming sdence can neither foretell nor prevent, when the mountain is rent; the solid foundations of the whole region are shak- en; the earth is opened to vomit forth destroying fires upon the living beings who dwell upon its surface, or dosed to engulph them; the forests are deluged by lava, or withered by sulphureous vapours; the sun sets at noonday behind the black smoke which thickens over the sky, and spreads far and wide, raining ashes throughout a drcuit hundreds of miles in diameter; t Hi it seems to the superstitious native that the fiery abodes of the volcanic dewas are disembowdiing them- selves, possessing the earth, and blotting out the heavens. I found no Binu& on the river Johore below the junction of the S&yong and Lingfu. The living remnants of the generation whose doom it was to inhabit Sumbawa in 1815, could tell us that this pidure is but * M. Ihere are none on the Pul&f ; and the ab- original fiunilies on the Tamrao and Sakodaii which fall into the old Straits of Singapore, (Orano Sabimba) were recently imported by tlie Tamiingong from the island of Battamto the south of Singa- pore, for the purpose of collecting tkh&n (Gitt^ Perch&.) The river nomades (Biduanda Kallang or Oramo Slbtae) and the sea nomades (Orang Tahbusa, termed also Oramg Laut and Rtat Laut, people of the sea, &c«, who lurk about the estuaries and creeks of the Johore, Libbam, and other rivers along the southern coast of the Peninsula are disdnet from the Binui, and cut off from all conununication with them.

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They were determined by the same forces which originally caused the platform itself to swell up above the deep floor of the southern ocean ; and it was one prolonged act of the subterranean power to raise the Himalayas into the aerial level of perpetual snow, to spread out the submarine bed on whieh the rivers were afterwards to pile the hot plains of Bengal, and to mould the surface of the southern region, so that when it rose above, or sunk into, the sea to certain levels, the mutual influences of air and sea and land should be so balanced, that while the last drew from the first a perennial ripeness and beauty of summer, it owed to the second a peren- nial freshness and fecundity of spring. This people appears to me to have such paramount claims to the exer- tion of our influence on their behalf, first to free them from the op- pressive thraldom in which they are kept by the Malays, and then to ame Horiate them by Christianity and education, that I should not consider myself justified in delaying to communicate the impression made on my mind during the fortnight I was amongst them. 841* 132 247,275 259 296 244 2.59 324* 250 248 345 824* 117 247 324 364 244 296 325* 342* .*M9* Pangel (name, Muka Kuning) 3.19* M A54 INDEX or KAMSS( AND «I.0S9Aft T« 9 toghala (prksi, Jftva) .

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